Media Committee


Role of the School Media Committee

  • The IFAA board policy requires that each school have a media committee that is composed of an administrator, media specialist and representatives for teachers, students and the community. As an integral component of a quality media program that supports teaching and learning, the school media committee:
    • Complies with established system policies/procedures
    • Has a plan for flexibly-scheduled media center access for students and teachers in groups or as individuals simultaneously throughout the day
    • Makes recommendations and decisions related to planning, operation, evaluation, and improvement of the media program
    • Recommends ideas for media center budget
    • Cultivates public relations by sharing media program activities with faculty and community
    • Promotes and encourages collaboration with staff
    • Evaluates the existing collection
    • Reviews software and apps with the administration for instructional value
    • Reviews and adjusts, as needed, procedures that allow equal access to media services for students and teachers
    • Responds collaboratively to formal challenges regarding materials used in the school
    • Works collaboratively to teach copyright compliance